Hybrid Teamwork: A Guide to Flexible Work

Have your hybrid work collaborations gotten stagnant? Comment if you’d like to discuss ways to re-energize them. In the meantime, download the @Microsoft Hybrid Teamwork Guide.

Keep application and user data secure

Is access management complexity hindering productivity? Check out the @Microsoft infographic for insight on how @Azure Virtual Desktop simplifies access management. Let us know if you’d like to discuss implementation details.

Strike a Strategic Inventory Balance

Have you heard about DDMRP?

The latest evolution in MRP, DDMRP (Demand Driven Materials Requirements Planning) can improve your supply chain efficiency. Let us know if you’d like to discuss how we can help you use it to increase your supply chain’s efficiency. And read this for more insight.?

Free Hybrid Work Consultation

Are you “metaverse-ready”? Let the experts at Liquid Mercury Solutions help your organization translate and enhance the flexibility of hybrid work into the metaverse. Set up a free consultation today.

IT Management Process & Infrastructure Review

When your IT team only needs to virtualize one desktop for a large number of employees, time is saved and support costs are greatly reduced. Time management is a large element in unforeseen costs. The Azure Virtual Desktop experts at Liquid Mercury Solutions can review your IT management practices and provide you with important improvements. Receive a free IT Management Process & Infrastructure Review when you schedule direct.

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Delivering Personalized Experiences in Times of Change

Companies that analyze customer data outperform others by 85%. Your customer data is a gold mine of valuable insights. Learn how you can get the most from your data. Read the eBook here. Then share this post to start a conversation.


What is the metaverse?

One definition of the metaverse is that it’s a version of the internet we’re inside. Watch the video for additional insight and DM us to find out how a Mesh for @Microsoft Teams expert from Liquid Mercury Solutions can help you plan an effective metaverse strategy.