Pardon Our Dust

Construction Joke Meme - Wanna Hear a Construction Joke? Sorry, I'm still working on it.

We’re migrating all our web sites, including our blog, to a shiny new WordPress server hosted in Azure. This change promised more flexibility in publishing new web content, and faster performance (page load times) thanks to Azure CDN and blob store caching for digital web assets like images, scripts, and stylesheets.

There’s a lot of work to do in this process, and we can’t get it everything all at once. Please bear with us while we get the technical glitches resolved.

Specifically, here’s a couple things we need to take care of and where we stand on the process:

  • Migrating blog content (posts and images) from the old blog: DONE.
  • Customizing the look and feel of the website: IN PROGRESS.
  • Posting links to archived version of our website: pending. In the meantime, anything you want to find that was previously posted at can be found at today.
  • Migrating content from the old website: pending.
  • Fixing the featured image links on the blog articles: pending.
  • Re-connecting Microsoft syndicated articles: pending.
  • More stuff: TBD.

Anyhow, we’ll post more information here and the work continues. Please check back later.